Hyuntae Yoo, Ph.D.

Dr. Hyuntae Yoo joined Dava CRO in September 2018 and is currently the project manager of the solid tumor projects and various statistical projects. Dr. Yoo’s extensive knowledge and experience on these areas originate primarily from his independent research on lung cancer biomarker discovery and preclinical/clinical validation at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) as a junior faculty member and a principal investigator. Dr. Yoo also built his communication skills through teaching biochemistry for undergraduate and graduate students at UTD. Prior to this position, Dr. Yoo received postdoctoral training in systems biology (in such projects as prion disease and drug-induced liver toxicity) at the Institute for Systems Biology under Dr. Leroy Hood. His doctoral training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was in Biochemistry with emphasis on metabolic analysis of fat synthesis. He received Summa Cum Laude during his undergraduate education in Chemistry (esp. in synthetic organic chemistry) at Seoul National University.