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Founded and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, in 2010, we’ve grown our capabilities to conduct our registration-enabling clinical studies in the United States, Europe, and China. Our enrolling Phase 3 clinical programs are carefully and purposefully designed to provide clear transformational cancer treatments against validated targets where only incremental advances have been made over chemotherapy in the last 20 years.

  • Data Driven – To date, AROG has evaluated crenolanib in over 15 completed and ongoing clinical trials in over 500 patients.
  • Experience Oriented– We have assembled an experienced and talented group of leaders to execute our vision.

Arog obtained exclusive worldwide rights to crenolanib and associated benzimidazole-based compounds from Pfizer following completion of early clinical studies in solid tumors in April 2010. Since then, we have discovered the FLT3 mechanism of action and have launched two Phase III clinical trials in FLT3 mutant AML.

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Clinical Trial Pipeline

Indication Patient subset Phase I Phase II Phase III
FLT3 Pipeline
AML Relapsed/Refractory
(2L & 3L)
Newly Diagnosed
Post-Transplant maintenance NCT02400255
Solid Tumor Pipeline
GIST PDGFRa D842V mutated NCT02847429
Glioma PDGFRa  amplification NCT02626364
Gastric Relapsed/Refractory NCT03193918


Phase 3 Study of Crenolanib + SOC Chemotherapy in Relapsed/ Refractory FLT3 AML


Phase 3 Study of crenolanib versus midostaurin in newly diagnosed FLT3 AML


Phase 3 Monotherapy Study of R/R (All Lines) D842V Mutated GIST

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Authors: Aaron D. Goldberg, Catherine C. Coombs, Eunice S. Wang, Roland B. Walter, Chatchada Karanes, Carlos E. Vigil, Boo Messahel, Richard M. Stone, Robert H. Collins

Authors: Robert Collins, Swaminathan Padmanabhan Iyer, Yogesh S Jethava, Chatchada Karanes, Boo Messahel

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