Executive Management

Vinay Jain, MD

http://static.squarespace.com/static/516ccd5de4b0bb1f91d3980d/t/516ecd0ee4b06a85f4f116ab/1366215951246/VinayJain.jpgDr. Jain is a board certified medical oncologist and lymphoma specialist. He has been a partner in Texas Oncology, the largest oncology practice in the country, since 1993. He was also involved in the development of important lymphoma agents, including Rituximab, Campath, and Bexxar.




John Eckardt, MD

http://www.davaonc.com/assets/cms/files/je1.pngDr. Eckardt is a board certified medical oncologist who trained in oncology drug development under Dr. Dan Von Hoff in San Antonio, Texas, and has been in private practice since 1993. He developed a community-based clinical research program for Phase I, II, and III clinical trials. He is an active clinical speaker for lung cancer, breast cancer, and new drug development.




Nora Ku, MD

http://www.davaonc.com/assets/cms/files/nku1.pngDr. Ku is board certified in medical oncology, hematology and internal medicine. She was in the academic faculty at UC Irvine (1992-1995) and University of Miami (2007-2008). She had a private practice in hematology and medical oncology from 1996-2007. She was also a member of the Translational Oncology Research International (TORI) network at UCLA, a community/academic research network, from 1996-2007.





Abhijit Ramachandran, MS

http://www.gistsupport.org/media/AskPro/Abhijit%20Ramachandran.jpgMr. Ramachandran is involved in accelerating clinical trials. He performed due-diligence for acquiring crenolanib (CP-868,596) from Pfizer in 2010. He serves as the Sr. Project Manager and manages the pre-clinical, CMC and clinical development of crenolanib. He holds a MS in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on de-novo gene sequencing technology and cancer therapeutics from the University of Texas at Arlington.